As within, so without…

I had a pretty idle moment at my desk at work today. Well, like most people, I figured this was one of those me-time moments, so I decided to use it judiciously.
What judicious thing could I do? I thought and before that became a problem, I glanced about my desk to find books that I have read over and over again. I took out my phone to listen to a few songs by Phil Collins, but the music made no sense to me at that time. So out of curiosity to know what’s been happening on the online social front, I logged in to my facebook account to see a link shared by Justin Irabor, a friend from my secondary school days. I fed my eyes and mind with posts after posts of this Justin dude and his post “My life bursts at the seams” is what inspires this post.

Permit me to begin my point with a few lines from Justin’s post. Here : I have a superhero complex, but you would never be able to tell by looking at me. As a result, many people come to depend on me but I am also the myth-embellished ostrich, and as soon as the responsibility becomes too much, I break down into a depressed heap of tears and scurry into a tunnel of despair “.

This is one of those who, despite their own limited space of getting comfort, still find it good enough to put smiles on faces. That’s selflessness but how many care about these selfless acts? Few.
I believe people should take me responsibility of making themselves happy not depending on someone else to do that job for them, especially when the “giver of happiness” is unhappy himself.

Many people in this position as Justin never find a hand to hold when they need to reach out or a shoulder to cry on when things go bad. And many, who are much weaker characters than Justin, would take the cowardly path towards suicide.

The world will try to confine and compress you like you are not anymore confined and compressed. There is a set standard everyone is expected to follow (still according to the world) and any deviation from those standards means “abnormal”. But t should this be so? What if abnormal was the actual normal? Let me expand that a bit.I, despite being an introvert, derive joy and satisfaction in acting to inner nudges that I feel once in a while. I might feel the nudge to say hello to a total stranger and even proceed to shake hands with the stranger. I have been known to withdraw abruptly from a conversation, but the society see this as weird and unacceptable and abnormal.

We are still talking about finding happiness here and I have no automatic suggestion that is applicable to everyone. You just have to do what you are most comfortable doing without a care in the world. This thing which you are most comfortable doing should not be an inconvenience to another person. Though sometimes people like to complain but it’s just because they are sadists.


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