Acalan: Chapter 1

This is an excerpt from my book. I hope you find it interesting. Enjoy!

Adulio let out a huff when he saw the dark rain clouds.”Not today,”he whined.”The guys and I were going to play soccer.”He was standing outside with his father who was just getting into the car to go to work.
His father slammed the car door and rolled down the window.”You’ll just have to find something to do indoors.”He paused for a second.
“I’ve got it. There’s a new exhibit at the Mexico city museum. Why don’t you check it out?”
“Thanks Dad,”Adulio said enthusiastically. His father shrugged.”Well, I tried,”he said rolling up the window and starting the car.
Adulio watched his father drive off, then went inside and flopped down on a well-worn easy chair.
The newspaper was on the coffee table and Adulio absentmindedly began to flip through it when an article about the mummy, which was Aztec, caught his eye.
A moment later, he was on the phone with his friend Ruiz.
“It sounds really cool,”Adulio said excitedly.”It’s a real mummy at the single fall history museum and get this- the article says that the mummy was some royal person who got into trouble and was cursed.”
Ruiz let out a slight groan.”I don’t know if it’s my phobia for mummies but I feel a bit a sick.”
“Hahaha, cut it off, Ruiz”Adulio snickered.”It’s not something harmful, the mummy has been dead for more than three hundred years.”
“I know,”Ruiz retorted.”I just don’t like the thought of some dry and shriveled once lively creature embalmed with tissue. It gives me the creeps and this one in particular makes me feel sick just by thinking of it. I’m having a migraine,”he said, rubbing his forehead slightly.
“Well, you would have said you wanted to stay indoors the whole day instead of trying to pull off with this chicken move,”Adulio countered.”Why don’t we go see this thing, Ruiz? We would have a lot to tell the guys at school,”he urged.
“Yeah, I would love to see this thing but the thought of mummies gives me the creeps”Ruiz replied
“Then I would suggest you pop some panadols since you’re having a migraine as well,”Adulio mocked.”It might just be what you need.”
At that Ruiz let out a laughter.”Hahaha, you cheeky idiot. Okay, you win! We’re going to see the exhibit.”
Within an hour, Adulio and Ruiz were waiting in the lobby of the museum. Ruiz had also called Quique and Alta to join them and the two were walking up already.
“Holla guys,”said Quique, a lanky boy wearing jeans and a sweat shirt.
“Hola Quique,”Ruiz responded.”Hola Alta,”he called to a young girl pushing her way through the turnstile.
Alta grinned.”So let’s go see this creepy mummy fellow,”she said.”Maybe he’s cute.”
Ruiz shot Alta an angry look and was about to speak.”You’d better…..”but Adulio secretly gave him a slight nudge which caught him in mid sentence.
“You wanted to say something Ruiz?”Alta enquired.
“Uumm, nothing,”he lied.
The museum was made up of five small separate wings. The Aztec wings had scale models of the pyramids, the Azteca warriors’helmet and ancient Aztecan relics. In the middle of the room was the mummy and the children made a beeline for it.
“Wow, cool!”Quique exclaimed leaning over the railings. The sarcophagus was tilted up making it easier for the kids to see the dry shriveled body inside.
“Gross,”said Alta turning away. The mummy was the dark colour of swamp mud. Bits of rotted cloth hung from it and a few wiry tufts of hair seemed plastered to the grinning skull.
“Yep,”Adulio said with a smile.”There he is….in the flesh, so to speak.”
Alta giggled at Adulio’s joke then went over to read the sign on the wall beside the display.”it says here that he was an Azteca prince,”she reported.”it seems he was a nasty character and a lot of people disappeared during his reign. Yuck!”she shrieked in disgust.”He was accused of draining blood from others. It says he thought the life force of his victims would keep him young so he could live forever. When he finally got caught, they killed him by draining all of his blood.”
“Freaky,”Ruiz gazed in awe at the dry corpse.”So much for living forever.”
And then he felt the sickening sensation again and cold chills rip through his spine.
“I don’t know why I feel this way but I’ve been having nightmares lately. It seems as……..”Ruiz had barely finished speaking before Quique yelled at him.”Shut up Ruiz!! Don’t you dare make us all frightened with your silly nightmares.”
“I warned him earlier,”Adulio cut in.”But it seems as if he had made up his mind to be a’nina.'”
“The mummy sure looks lifeless……dead as a doornail,”Adulio said bringing them back to the topic.
Quique widened his eyes.”Maybe not,”he kidded in a deep heavily accented voice.”Perhaps, he is merely sleeping. And when the moon is is full, he will wake and take his revenge,”The others chuckled as Quique drew one arm into his chest; held the other arm out and limped, stiff legged towards Alta.
“Go away,”she laughed and pushed him away.
Adulio stared at the mummy.”Maybe Quique is onto something,”he mused.
Alta shook her head.”Uh_uh. They dug up this fellow nearly a year ago and he hasn’t moved a muscle…..full moon or not.”
“Maybe conditions weren’t right,”Quique said half seriously.”Or maybe he really does get out of his coffin and stalk the city at night. No one can watch him every minute, so there’s no way to know for sure.”
“Yes, there is,”Adulio said enthusiastically.”we could stay over tonight and watch him. Looks like the old fellow could use some company anyhow.”
Quique shook his head.”Nah, my mum expects me home by supper time. Besides, the guards won’t let us stay in here all night.”
“You can call your mum and say you’re spending the night at my house. we can come up with something,”Adulio reasoned.”and those old guards won’t be any problem. We can hide in the bathroom until they lock up. The museum doesn’t even have a night watchman….just an old guard service that drives by every once in a while. I know because my uncle Gonzalo works for the service”
Alta didn’t seem convinced.”I don’t know,”she said hesitantly.”What if we want to get out?”
Adulio grinned.”There’s a window by the delivery entrance. Uncle Gonzalo’s complained that he found it open a couple of times. I’ll just check to make sure it isn’t latched.”
All the while Ruiz stood on the spot praying and wishing the others drop the idea of staying behind.
Finally he spoke.”Well,if Uncle Gonzalo complained that he has found it open a couple of times, then he might be extra-careful in checking the windows this time to make sure they are all latched.”
“Well, he’s not on duty today and since he’s the only one who knows about unlatched windows, they might be carelessly left open by the other guards.”Adulio pressed on hoping to convince the others.
“But the alarm system will go off if we go through the window,”Quique pointed out.
“So what?”Adulio said grinning.”We’ll be long gone by then, I say we do it. C’mon,”he coaxed.”It will be fun!”
Quique and Alta looked at each other and nodded then they were off to call home.
The guard opened the bathroom door and stepped inside for a final check before closing for the night. Standing up on the toilet in the last stall, Adulio held his breath.
Finally the guard let the door swing shut and Adulio let out a big sigh. Ruiz and Quique on either side of him did the same. They waited a few more moments, then Ruiz tiptoed to the door and peered.
“He’s gone,”Ruiz whispered hoarsely. Then all of a sudden he drew back.”somebody’s coming!”
The boys pressed themselves against the wall as the door swung open again.
“Having fun?”Alta asked, peeking around at them.”You guys look pale,”she said laughing.
“Very funny,”Adulio muttered.”Look, it’s getting dark. Maybe we could find some of the guard’s flashlights. I don’t feel like sitting around in here if we can’t see anything.”
“I’ve got a penlight on my key chain,”Quique offered.”We can use it to go through the storage closets.”
After a search through a couple of closets, Quique’s idea paid off, and the four kids now shared two flashlights.
“It sure looks different in here now,”Quique murmured as they made their way to the Azteca wing.”it’s spooky.”
A dim light glowed here and there from various wall displays. It was definitely spooky especially with each one of their footsteps echoing on the ceramic tile floor.
“Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea,”Ruiz muttered. Suddenly, Alta’s face froze.”What was that?”She cried out. Ruiz turned his flashlight in the direction of a rustling sound. The beam fell on a huge shimmering face with blood red eyes and sharply pointed teeth.